Using Verkada Helix

Searching for Events

Verkada Helix Events can be searched from Verkada Command from the Alerts page under the Custom events section.

Applying Filters
Each event will have a corresponding value for all of the predefined attributes. These values can be used as search filters for quick and precise investigations. If using numeric values, users can filter by exact value (example: “Price” = 10), or using inequalities (example: “Price” > 10). Below is an example of the Command UI for this feature which has been set up for a coffee shop that is tracking purchased items, price, size, and order number.


Archiving Events
When selected, events will have an associated clip that will automatically be displayed at the top of the custom events page. If this clip is important or needs to be shared, users can easily click the archive button on the historical playback thumbnail to store it indefinitely in Command for future sharing or downloading.