Get Latest Thumbnail Image

Returns the latest thumbnail from a specified camera in either low resolution or high resolution.

The Get Latest Thumbnail Image API endpoint provides users with the capability to automatically retrieve the most recent thumbnail captured by cameras within their Command organization. To utilize this endpoint, users need to provide a camera ID.

Similar to the Get Thumbnail Image API, the thumbnails retrieved through this endpoint are sourced from our cloud services rather than directly from the camera. Cameras transmit thumbnails to our backend approximately every 20 seconds, with an additional thumbnail sent if motion is detected during that timeframe. When making a call to this endpoint, the returned thumbnail will have an associated timestamp as close as possible to the latest recorded footage. However, due to the asynchronous nature of thumbnail transmission, there may be a variance of up to 10 seconds when no motion is detected.

Upon calling the Get Latest Thumbnail Image API, users will receive the binary data of a JPEG image. Decoding and displaying this binary data can be accomplished using standard image processing tools or libraries.

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