Get Camera Data

Returns details of all cameras within the organization.

Details returned per camera are name, site, location, model, serial number, camera ID, MAC address, local IP, device retention, extended cloud retention (if any), date camera added to command, firmware update status, camera status, location latitude, location longitude, and location angle (in degrees).

This API endpoint can be used to programmatically retrieve detailed information for all cameras in your Command organization. This is especially useful when using 3rd party software to centralize the management of all your network devices.

The returned information includes the following details for each camera:

  • Camera ID (unique camera identifier)
  • Cloud retention (if any)
  • Date added (Unix timestamp in seconds)
  • Onboard device retention
  • Firmware status (up to date/needs updating)
  • Last online (Unix timestamp in seconds)
  • Local IP
  • Location
  • MAC address
  • Device retention
  • Model
  • Camera name
  • Camera serial-number
  • Site name
  • Status (live/offline)

Note: Depending on the number of cameras in your organization, the returned JSON may be paginated. See the Pagination page for more information.

Below is an example response using this API endpoint for a single camera:

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