Get Max People/Vehicle Counts

Returns the max count of people and vehicles within a specified time range.

Only supported for CD22, CD32, CD42, CD52, CD62, CB52, CB62, CP52, and CM42.

This API endpoint returns two values: a people count and a vehicle count. The returned counts can be retrieved for a unique timestamp or for a time range. For example, if inputting a 15 minute range, the returned values will represent the maximum number of concurrent people and vehicles detections made over that time span, instead of the total unique object counts.

Use cases:

  • Helix POS Integration – This feature is a great Helix add-on for users that are looking to add a reliable count of people involved in a POS transaction. This can be especially useful when reviewing return transactions.
  • Queue Monitoring – Using a unique timestamp, the endpoint will return the exact people and vehicle count for that given time. This is a great way to monitor people count in areas such as queues or waiting rooms. This can also be used to monitor drive-through locations for vehicles.

Users have the option to add a search zone, based on the 10 by 10 grid used on Verkada cameras (visible when performing a motion search). Each region is labeled with coordinates [x,y] with the top left hand corner region being [0,0] and the bottom right hand corner being [9,9].

The search zone parameter must be entered as a list of regions. To retrieve the people and vehicle counts across the center four regions, the inputted search zones would be: [[5,2],[5,3],[5,4],[5,5],[5,6],[6,2],[6,3],[6,4],[6,5],[6,6],[7,2],[7,3],[7,4],[7,5],[7,6]].

Note: the selected regions and their respective coordinates can be found in the URL after performing a motion search (see image above). Regions do not have to be continuous to be used as search zones.

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