Paginated GET endpoints only return a subset of the results in the first response. You must execute subsequent requests to the endpoint with slightly different parameters in order to get the rest of the data. This functionality is important for API endpoints that could theoretically return large number of results.

How does pagination work in the Verkada API?

A paginated endpoint in the API accepts in 2 special query parameters:






The number of entries to be returned in the page (the current request).
Default is 100.
Max is 200.



The cursor used for pagination in order to fetch the next page of results.

If a non null value is received for page_cursor, subsequent requests need to pass page_cursor to get complete results. If a null value is received for page_cursor then the request can be considered complete.


Paginating through all results

This method of pagination is used to iterate through a result set until all results have been fetched, not to directly go to page X of the results. This is not possible.