Get Timestamps for a License Plate

Returns the timestamps for a certain license plate. Only works for cameras that are LPR enabled.

Response may be paginated if page_token exists.

This endpoint allows users to programmatically get the timestamps from specific license plate detections across their Verkada LPR fleet. To retrieve the timestamps, users must input a camera_id from a camera in LPR mode, as well as the exact license_plate string they are looking for.

Users also have the option to specify a start_time and end_time to narrow their search, as well as specify the returned page_size.

Depending on the number of occurrences of the license plate, the returned JSON may be paginated. See the Pagination page for more information.

Note: Retrieving the timestamps for license plates can only be done for a single camera at a time. It is possible to retrieve the results across multiple cameras through a script that sends multiple GET requests while iterating through a list of camera IDs.

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