Quick Start Guide

This guide describes how to get started with the Verkada API. If you want some inspiration for what you can build, check out our Example Use Cases.

Learn how to get started with the Verkada API

Time to Complete: 15 mins

API Keys

The Verkada API uses API keys to authenticate requests. Each API request requires an API Key and an organization ID. These API keys unique to every organization and organizations can issue up to 10 API keys. All API keys come with permissions set (read-only / read-write) and an expiration date.

All changes to an API key or a Webhook config are audit logged.

Step 1: Generate a new API Key

Only Organization Admins can setup and access API keys of an Command organization.

To create a new API Key, go to the Verkada API tab on the Organization Settings page. Click '+ New API Key' button to add a new API key for your organization.

You can configure custom expiration dates for the API key by selecting custom under the expiration dropdown.

Step 2: Select your API Region

Select the api endpoint that corresponds to your region.

By default, your api endpoint should be https://api.verkada.com

If you are an EU based customer, your api endpoint should be https://api.eu.verkada.com

Step 3: Make an API request

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. API authentication is performed using your API key as the header (x-api-key) and including your organization ID in the path to end points.

To get a list of all your cameras, use your API key as the header and call the following endpoint: https://api.verkada.com/cameras/v1/devices

Sample API Request:

curl --request GET --url  https://api.verkada.com/cameras/v1/devices?org_id=<org_id>
--header "Accept: application/json" --header "x-api-key: <api_key>"

Sample Response:

  "cameras": [
       "camera_id": "00000000-1111-2222-3333-444444444444",
       "cloud_retention": 0,
       "date_added": 1649106126,
       "device_retention": 30,
       "firmware": "Up to date v2022.07.05.236546-arnold-4k",
       "last_online": 1657749648,
       "local_ip": "",
       "location": "Verkada HQ",
       "location_angle": 0,
       "location_lat": 37.56564,
       "location_lon": -122.32074,
       "mac": "E0:A7:00:1C:30:A8",
       "model": "CD62",
       "name": "Front Door",
       "serial": "AAAA-BBBB-CCCC",
       "site": "HQ first floor",
       "status": "Live"

Congratulations, you are now successfully set up with Verkada APIs, and should be ready to build your own application!