Alarm Webhook Object

The information sent to webhook URLs when an alarm site changes state

An alarm webhook object contains the following fields:

webhook_idStringVerkada defined Id for notification webhook
org_idStringOrganization Id from which webhook is created.
created_atIntegerTime at which webhook was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.
dataObjectThe data associated with the notification. See below

The data object contains these fields:

event_typeStringWhat kind of event occurred. One of: armed, disarmed, alarm,
site_stateStringWhat state the alarm site is now in. One of: armed, disarmed, alarm, silent_alarm
site_idStringThe unique identifier of the alarm site that the event occurred in.
timestampIntegerTime at which event occurred. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.

Sample Alarm Webhook Object:

    "org_id": "1455hjew-ghg5-4125-a1a7-954ea4e911fe",
    "webhook_type": "alarm_site_state_changed",
    "created_at": 1597685622,
    "webhook_id": "2fd2826d-4645-47ac-b0e6-a4b2ae634480",
    "data": {
        "event_type": "resolved",
        "site_state": "armed",
        "site_id": "921350d6-d1x9-438b-445a-9af5fdbc87a9",
        "timestamp": 1597685580,