Verkada Helix is Verkada's search and integration engine. Using Helix, customers can pull transactional data from a variety of on-premise or cloud-based systems into Verkada Command. Helix then uses that data to index video footage by whatever attributes the customer needs. Finally, Helix provides flexible search tools to find just the right video.

This feature is great for users that are looking for more ways to efficiently navigate through their footage using external databases. It can be used effectively in a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Retail: allowing store managers to validate credit card fraud claims through video evidence by pulling Point of Sales transactional information into Verkada Command.
  • Manufacturing: allowing warehouse managers to see video at every step of supply chain operations by pulling warehouse management system information into Verkada Command.
  • Healthcare: allowing pharmacy managers to verify prescription fulfillments and order deliveries by pulling data from a pharmacy management software into Verkada Command.
  • Schools/Education: allowing administrators and staff to monitor their students' safety and attendance by pulling data from student information systems into Verkada Command.