The Verkada API is a RESTful API built to expose insights captured by Verkada cameras. It allows customers to programmatically access and consume data in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, removing barriers to enterprise automation and increasing productivity. The Verkada API returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes. Each request requires an API key and organization ID that are unique to an organization in Command.

The Verkada API can be used to address the use cases outlined below.

Integrate critical notifications into your platform of choice

Organization Admins can use the Verkada API to request the full set of notifications in the organization within a given time range. All notifications and associated key data can then be ingested into notifications or incident management platforms such as Slack and PagerDuty. This allows admins to build customized workflows using insights from their Verkada cameras to triage and resolve critical issues effectively and efficiently.

View people and vehicle counts in a SIEM platform of your choice

Organization Admins can use the Verkada API to request the number of people and vehicles that a camera has seen within a given time range. The data returned includes the timestamps with associated person and vehicle counts for all times when at least 1 person or 1 vehicle was seen. This data can then be ingested into a SIEM platform such as Splunk for centralized monitoring and data analysis. Use cases for this data include enhanced promotion placement in retail settings, increased operational efficiency with more fine-tuned staffing levels, and the rapid detection of anomalous events that may indicate a security incident.

Create, view, delete, and update People of Interest

Organization Admins can use the Verkada API to easily create, view, update, and delete People of Interest. If a face is marked as a Person of Interest in Command, then a notification is triggered whenever that face is seen by any camera in the organization. Using the Verkada API makes it easy to track a continuously changing set of individuals, such as individuals on a sex offender registry or criminal database.

View an inventory of cameras and their details

Organization Admins can use the Verkada API to access an inventory of cameras in their organization, along with key details about each camera. This is helpful when managing inventory and can also be used to determine camera IDs for use with the people and vehicle counts API described above.