The following terms will be used throughout the Verkada Helix API documentation:

  • Event Type: a category of an activity, for example, a point-of-sale transaction, with a pre-defined format and fields. Events that fall under the same event type will have identical format but might have different values.
  • Event Type UID: a unique identifier mapped to a specific Event Type. The Event Type UID will be returned to the user following the successful creation of an Event Type.
  • Event: a unique occurrence of an activity that the users want to track in Verkada Command, such as a specific purchase from a point of sales system.
  • Attributes: a field, such as price, location or item category, within each event type that can have a specific value. Attributes can be defined as either strings, floats, integers, or booleans.
  • Schema: the specific overarching structure that defines the name and attributes of a given event type.
  • Organization ID: a unique identifier of a Verkada Organization. The Organization ID can be found in Command under the Admin Page in the Verkada API settings.
  • Camera ID: a unique identifier of a Verkada camera. The Camera ID can be found in the URL when streaming a camera in Command (example:{camera_id}/).