Search a Helix Event

This method can be used to search for either a single or multiple Helix Events that have already been posted to Command. In the return message, the users will be able to see the corresponding attribute keys and attribute values for those specific Helix Events.

The only required parameters to use this method are the Organization ID and the API Key. Using only these two parameters will return a complete list of all Helix Events that are currently available to users in Command. Users can further narrow down their search by adding:

  • Camera ID: returns all Helix Events linked to that specific camera or list of cameras.
  • Event Type UID: returns all Helix Events that share that specific Event Type UID.
  • Start and End Times: returns all Helix Events that have occurred during that time range.
  • Attributes Keys and Values: returns all Helix Events that have attributes keys and values matching the user's entered parameters.
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