LPR Webhook Object

An LPR (License Plate Recognition) webhook object contains the following fields:

webhook_idStringThe unique identifier of the webhook.
org_idStringThe unique identifier of the organization.
created_atIntegerThe creation time of the webhook. Formatted as a Unix timestamp in seconds.
dataObjectThe data associated with the notification. See following attributes for sub-fields.
data.camera_idStringThe unique identifier of the camera that recognized the license plate.
data.createdIntegerThe detection time of the license plate. Formatted as a Unix timestamp in seconds.
data.license_plate_numberStringThe license plate number detected by the camera.
data.confidenceDoubleThe confidence that the detected license_plate_number is correct.

Sample Notification Webhook Object

  "org_id": "b9b576c4-ec47-4801-9720-4104d85147cb",
  "webhook_type": "lpr",
  "created_at": 1602725490,
  "webhook_id": "0302934a-9966-4df6-a39c-d7e7e5467244",
      "camera_id": "7a226fef-3636-4428-bb61-aa3e61c4abea", 
      "created": 1602725484,
      "license_plate_number": "7NCR867", 
      "confidence": 0.85