Get Occupancy Trend Data

Returns all occupancy trends data for a particular camera over a specified time range.

Responses will include the start and end time of the data requested and device information (ID, serial number) alongside the readings.

The GET Occupancy Trend Data endpoint allows users to programmatically retrieve the Occupancy Trends data from their Command organization. This enables the use of Verkada analytics data within 3rd party systems for further analysis or cross-referencing with other databases.

To retrieve the Occupancy Trends data using this endpoint, users will need to input the camera_id from which they are looking to retrieve the data. The specified camera_id must already have Occupancy Trends enabled in Command for the GET request to be successful.

Users also have the option to input a start_time and an end_time to query the data from a specific time range. If no time range is specified, the endpoint will retrieve the object counts for the past hour. Additionally, the default time interval for the returned results will be 1 hour but this can be changed to 15 minutes, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, or 30 days.

Note: Depending on the specified time range used, the returned JSON may be paginated. See the Pagination page for more information.

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