The Verkada API uses API keys to authenticate requests. The combination of an API key along with an organization ID ensures that your data is secure. Each API request requires an API key and an organization ID, both of which are unique to an organization. API keys and organization IDs are only available to Organization Admins, and each organization can have at most one API key. To receive an API key and organization ID, go to Organization Settings page. Once you are on the page use Enable API Access button to create API key.


Once you receive your API key and organization ID, it is imperative that you keep it secure. They should not be shared in any publicly accessible area, since anyone who has access to your organization’s API key and organization ID will be able to access data from your Verkada cameras. The API key and organization ID will be made visible only to Organization Admins in your organization on Command. Please go to Organization Settings page to delete the existing API key and create a new one for any reason by disabling API access and then enabling it back.



Only one API key can be created for an organization.

Authentication to the API is performed via x-api-key header. Provide your API key as the header value. Use Organization Id in the path to end points

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. API requests without authentication will also fail.